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The Smith Contraption is where you’ll find tips to save you time and money and help you retain your sanity in our information overloaded world. Take a moment to invest some of your well-deserved time on this Earth to enjoy fantastic advice served fresh to you weekly. I, myself, am a professional Project/Product Manager, Subject Matter Expert & Expert Witness for Adobe Photoshop, Founder of Miskatonic-University.org and developer of the myLodge web application (an early web-app for Freemasons). Philosopher, humanitarian, guitarist, astrologer, teacher – I’ve spent my 30s getting out of debt, becoming the leader of a volunteer society, building my career and growing a web community. From weight loss to how to save money, I’ve tried this and that but I’ve spent the latter half of my 30s in an obsession of self-improvement. Along the rough uphill struggle, I’ve encountered some hacks that really have helped me out along the way.

I’ve got friends and family in financial trouble and I notice that I’ve got some great advice to offer and when taken up it turns out to be quite successful. So why keep it all to myself when there’s such a large crowd of diverse people of all various interests. Perhaps I might strike a chord in any one of you.

The way I see it, you’re here because you came across one of my articles, which you liked, which led you to another, which you liked, so on and so forth. I’m a man that has traveled far though my years don’t display it. I’ve accomplished much and I’ve done it with a little amount of time. The key here is Wisdom. Not many people really exercise their inner faith and believe and this is what drives us in life, I believe. I’ve been scammed before and I have tips that might help you. I’ve had to save for a car, a house and school. I’m out of major debt and living comfortably yet I see many that are not so fortunate. Part of the road to higher wisdom is the ability to help others in need.

That’s what this website is about. Help. As a teacher of over 7 years, I shared with my college students insights, business

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development advice, personal time management hacks and life-coaching. It was an honor to do a job as important as teaching. What powered me day in and out was the feedback that my students would give me and that spark in their eye when I awoke something in them. Hopefully one of these articles will do that for you. That spark will cause an idea that may make a small improvement in your life and if it does – then thank you for taking the time to stick around and I hope to see you coming back. If you’ve been facing a daunting challenge like how to balance your budget and I’ve just given you a small hand that has made your life easier – then I’ve succeeded.

Enjoy my tales and advice and feel free to always drop me a line or leave a comment. Learn. Enjoy.

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