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Quote: “Example Quote” Pre-requisites: Things you’ll need. Smart-phone with Internet connection Google Account Chapter Goals: “2 sentences that explain everything” and how they relate with what you’re expected to take away from this book. These goals should printable on 1 sheet that could be used as a reminder list of how to run their daily work lives. Chapter Story: The blackberry weighed him down. Though he felt connected, Tim often   Read More ...

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Quote: “Example Quote” Pre-requisites: A smartphone A computer with an internet connection Chapter Goals: Focus your daily life and clear the clutter that stacks up in your home or office. Use your phone as your new note-pad and approach tasks with a realistic mindset. Clear the clutter from your life and get you into 21st Century living.. Chapter Story: Chris felt burdened as he waited for the elevator. He had   Read More ...

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