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  • A smartphone
  • A computer with an internet connection

Chapter Goals: Focus your daily life and clear the clutter that stacks up in your home or office. Use your phone as your new note-pad and approach tasks with a realistic mindset. Clear the clutter from your life and get you into 21st Century living..

Chapter Story: Chris felt burdened as he waited for the elevator. He had his coat blackberry in his left hand while holding on to the hand

Chapter Body:

How much space do you really need? Think about that. How much space do you really use in your life. Your lifestyle may dictate what type of car you drive, what place you live in or where you work. How you decorate it is one thing but when your decorations become your daily todo lists, books, magazines or other clutter – you’re clutter will begin to slow you down and produce that daily guilt that sits there before we go to bed lingering…waiting…reminding us that tomorrow morning we have so much to do. As they think in the East, the more material possessions you posses, the more they weigh you down. Think about how it will affect your productivity, work/living space and in giving you the sense that

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you have everything under control.

[Sam] believes that he knows where everything is in his clutter and within minutes he can find

his treasure in the clutter. The problem is that the only place that he’s recorded this is in his mind or on a piece of paper in the very clutter he has to get through. This method may work, but can it be more efficient? We’ll leave that up to [Sam].

Documentation is a word that when said, immediately, calls to mind stacks of paper. It may vary from person to person as college students may see

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their thesis, the project manager may see it as a requirements document and an editor as the endless drafts of daily writers. he’s got to get through. One thing is sure, we all have plenty of documentation. Whether at home, the office, the home/office, the car, our wallets/purses

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and even our pockets.

Documentation, to the business owner, conjures the horror of a endless series of contract revisions and costly paper trails.

What is the true purpose of documentation? Those reasons may be different for everyone but what we can agree on is that paper is costly, much as ink, binders, folders, drawers, desks and general space of our daily living. The cost of documentation can be high but there’s a solution – keep it digital.

There are endless devices that you can carry your notes, documents, photos and thoughts on. We’re surrounded by computers and tables and most of us carry smart-phones or internet enabled devices in our own pockets. The best

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part is that it may already all be connected together – for you – right now.

We’re going to approach

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documentation from the big picture to the menial. Ready, here we go:

Documentation: The important stuff – work, taxes, insurance documents, legal stuff, file versions (docs, PSDs or any other kind

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of file).

Documentation: Everything else – notes to yourself, notes for someone for “tomorrow”, grocery lists, your aunt’s birthday, your reminder to pick up Bagels on friday for the team meeting.

Documentation: The important stuff

Documentation is nothing more than a fancy way of saying whatever you just produced is now going to be updated and saved as a new file. Here’s the solution – every time you work on a file – end it with a version number. Example:




You can even use the decimal system:


As long as you do this with every change, you have a backup of the file.

Look around you right now and find any documentation that you currently have a digital copy saved on your computer. Take all of it, pile it up and get rid of it. Why do you need a physical version? Because if a solar flare goes off it’ll fry all the computers in the world and you won’t have a way to get your old documents? Guess what, you’ll be more worried about thingsother things than documentation. But for right now, in reality, documentation should be kept on the computer.

Documentation: The important stuff

Here’s a quick framework for how to deal with daily “reminder to ourselves” documentation:

Notepads – get rid of them.

Your new digital Notepad: On your smartphone, home computer, work computer (if allowed) install Evernote. This along with Notes (iPhone) or (“ALEX PLEASE ADD”) (Android) is now your digital notepad. Good bye, pens, pencils and paper. The only reason you may need a notepad is because you want to leave a note for someone. Text them and it’s your way of promoting less waste, pollution and documentation.

After you install Evernote, create 3 new documents (click the big “plus” sign at the bottom):

  1. Todo
  2. Todo Later
  3. Wishlist

Simple rules:

  1. Todo lists must be done in the next 2 days. This includes weekends. The purpose of your to-do list is that it’s an ACTION list – not a reminder.
  2. Todo Later lists must be done in the next week and by week we mean 1 week from the day. These are usually “reminders”. If you get confused and have piled up a list of tasks, you’re doing it wrong and you haven’t read Chapter 6: Time Management Essentials. Be patient, Danialsan!
  3. Wishlists are not tasks yet but rather ideas that you have to schedule or process some time in the future. As these are larger projects like writing a book or taking a dream vacation. If you believe in the power of Believing – I mean really seeing something and believing in it – then this speaks to you. This is your “bucket list”.

Use Evernote to do any of the following:

  • Your Todo, Todo Later and Wishlists
  • Task list – that should consist of anything you have to do today replacing any post-it or notepad you may currently be using
  • Take a photo of something to remind yourself later of
  • Copy directions to a place
  • Write down someone’s name
  • Photo where you parked your car in the theme park
  • Grocery list
  • Take notes in the car. DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE! Ok, we got that out of the way. If you find yourself in the car and you want to write yourself a note, just use Dragon Dictation (an app for most smart phones) to transcribe what you say into your phone and save it to your notes. To see a demonstration of this, check out [NEW METHOD BLOG].

Physical Space

So now that we’ve covered documentation, think of your office now. How much of your office have you dedicated to documentation. What about your staff? Most of us come from backgrounds that teach the philosophy of C.Y.A. – Cover Your Ass. Most likely, all of your employees have come from this tragic lifestyle and as a result you’re paying for it. All the paper and the ink, the copier page counts, the program that’s monitoring how many pages your employees are printing and the terrible culture that it’s promoting. Stop the madness. Trust your employees and, more importantly, have a system that your employees can save their documentation to. They’ll thank you for it, so will the trees, your accountants and your Research and Development department.

Ask yourself, “Have I really researched what I need a physical document version?”. If you have signed documents, contracts, tax paper work or anything that requires physical evidence, then have it stored somewhere. Somewhere safe. And, while you’re at it – keep a digital version, you know…just in case. As each year goes by, digital signatures will become something more commonplace and may, at a certain point, be all that is required as a means of documentation. Until then, keep what you need, keep a digital copy and everything else, get rid of it.

Take a look around and ask yourself if this is what you really need. Endless room that you pay for? Wouldn’t you rather decorate it with something that enhances the space?

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Tool Price: Free or Budgeted
  • Tood Description:
  • Tool URL:


Do yourself a favor and save all your previous versions

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in the same place. So if you’re the type of person that saves everything on their desktop – STOP DOING THAT NOW.

Daily Routine
Evernote To-do (:2 minutes)
Check your Calendar (:2 mintutes)
Email Checking (:15 minutes)
Email Processing (:30 minutes)

Weekly Routine
Evernote To-do (:2 minutes)
Check your Calendar (:2 mintutes)
Email Checking (:15 minutes)
Email Processing (:30 minutes)

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  1. Mr Smith says:

    Create a vision of “Moving day”. Imagine if you we’re moving in a week and had to pack. When it comes to packing, Clutter is the nightmare. Not the furniture.

    Make sure to show graphically thaet there is daily todo and a weekly todo. If its not etting done this week realistically, put it in the next week todo. during the weekly review if the weekly todo list, move tasks into the daily todo lists.

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