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Quote: “Example Quote”

Pre-requisites: Things you’ll need.

  • Smart-phone with Internet connection
  • Google Account

Chapter Goals: “2 sentences that explain everything” and how they relate with what you’re expected to take away from this book. These goals should printable on 1 sheet that could be used as a reminder list of how to run their daily work lives.

Chapter Story:
The blackberry weighed him down. Though he felt connected, Tim often felt frustrated switching between his phone and his blackberry and always wished that they were on the same machine. His company was an Outlook based company and with that their IT department pushed for Blackberries as the primary device. Sam arrived at the elevetor entrence where Tim was busily scanning his morning emails. Sam looked at Tim and remembered his brother who was in the miliary. His memory was seeing his brother’s photos in gear as

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he had 60 pounds of equipment strapped to him in the field. Sam didn’t seem any different as he carried his business files in a bag that also served as a stroller. The stroller was to his right, large, bulky and carrying that impression that Sam is an important guy.

“Good morning” Sam told Tim.

Tim could see Sam in his peripheral vision but his

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list of emails was where is mind was focused. He didn’t want to seem rude so he quickly looked up at Sam, gave him a quick smile and said, “Good morning.” Sam smiled back, “how’s your morning?” Ding, the familiar sound of the elevator arriving sounded off as they both looked at the elevetor electronic display indicating the up arrow.

The both stepped in as the Tim’s Blackberry vibrated slightly to see an email come in from his boss with the Subject line reading “URGENT”. “Ugh, it’s too early for this. It’s not even9amyet,” he thought. As they both stepped into the elevator, Sam reached over and hit the button labeled “9”. He noticed that Tim didn’t reply to his message as his hands immediately when to his blackberry and started typing away furiously.

The elevator became silent as it started heading up. Ding, came the sound again at the second floor. Tim stopped to type a second just to see Jenny walk in. She saw both Tim and Sam immediately as the doors opened and gave a familiar smile to both as she said, “Good morning.”

They both smiled and returned the same. As she stepped in with her coffee that she had in her hand from the second-floor lunch cafe, Tim looked back at his blackberry and continued typing away. It was clear to Sam and Jenny that Tim was on a deadline of sorts or had some emergency to take care of.

Sam and Jenny continued their morning conversation as they discussed last night’s events in their personal lives and confirming lunch for this afternoon and if they were still on. There was a moment of silence as they both waited for Tim to say something when Jenny touched his arm. Tim was taken out from the letter he was writing and looked at Jenny with his focused gaze. She knew she had just interrupted his thought and repeated what she said, “We’re still on?”

“For?” Sam replied.

“Lunch? What we discussed yesterday.”

“Oh,” he replied, “depends on what’s going on at the office. Seems like something is going down.”

Ding, the elevator chime went off to let them know that they had arrived at their floor. The all walked out of the elevator. Sam and Jenny knew that Tim was most likely not going to be able to make it. It was his gentle passive-aggresive way of saying ‘no’ while saying ‘maybe’.

“Ok,” Jenny said, “well let us know if you have a chance. You want us to stop by or call you?”

Tim started walking toward his office and said to both of them, “Text me. I’ll take a look and if it looks good…” His

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Blackberry went off again and interrupted his thought. He glanced down while still walking and continued while not looking at them, “I’ll…I’ll let you know.” Sam and Jenny knew he was lost in thought. She turned to Sam, they both exchanged looks, raised their eyebrows as if secretly having a conversation noting what just happened and smiled at each other.

“Guess I’ll see you around 1,” Sam said.

“See you then,” said Jenny as she walked off toward her office.

Tim walked into his office and passed Janice, the front receptionist while still reading his Blackberry and wheeling his bag past her. She looked up to him and said, “Good morning.” Tim didn’t even notice and continued walking to his office as he was lost in the conversation going on in his Blackberry.

As he walked into his office, he took out his laptop and connected it to his base-station. As it was booting, he sat in his chair and finished the email on his blackberry. He went back into his bag and looked through the various pockets as he pulled out his tablet.

As soon as his computer turned on, he opened up 10 browser tabs as he started checking, his business email, his personal emails, then looked at his call log on his phone. There were 3 numbers that called since yesterday close-of-day. As his Outlook opened up, he saw that the current number was 158 unread emails.

He took a moment and noted the silence in his office. He looked at the time on the task bar displaying “8:58 am”. He exhaled, took a deep breath and got to work.

Across the hall, Sam arrived at his office [FILL THIS IN]

Time: Lunch

As they eat, they see outside to see Tim talking on the phone like a madman as he’s talking into his cell phone with his earplugs while texting on the blackberry. As he finishes he walks into the restaurant and Jenny and Sam are there. He joins them as they’re done but they stick around to enjoy time with Tim.
After staying for 5 minutes, Tim’s phone goes off and he looks and it and just grabs his food and goes

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apolagetically feeling guilty!; Tim and Jenny head back into the office.
Tim checks his email throughout the entire day and by the time he gets back to his desk (even though he’s completely wired all the time) he still has a

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ton of emails to go through. The ticket system sends emails with the same title and same sender and accounts for 40% of his mail. Yet he has to sift through it because each message contains a log of all the messages back and forth. This is why hashtags are so important.; Sam gets back to his desk later on he handles his work when a timer goes off reminding him it’s time to check his email. He whips through it in 40 minutes and gets back to work.

Chapter Body:

  1. Limiting Access to you
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    – prevent 10 ways that people can reach you:

    1. 1 email address (business)
    2. 1 email address (personal)
    3. 1 phone line (personal)
    4. 1 phone line (business)
    5. 1 chat account (private)
    6. 1 phone that can recieve multiple email inboxes
  2. Passive: E-mailing, Gmail
  3. Active: Skype, Freescreensharing
  4. Hyper Active: Phone Call, Text Message.
  5. Establish rules of communication – Netiquette
  6. Using Basecamp or collaborative environments
    1. No Thanks, no signatures
    2. Hash-tags (#) or @ symbols to address team members
      1. Works really well when using Search function
  7. Etiquette in Person
    1. Phones OFF the table
    2. No checking email in meetings

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Tool Name: Gmail
  • Tool Price: Free or Budgeted
  • Tood Description:
  • Tool URL:
  • Tool Name: Google Voice
  • Tool Price: Free or Budgeted
  • Tood Description:
  • Tool URL:
  • Tool Name: Grand Central
  • Tool Price: Free or Budgeted
  • Tood Description:
  • Tool URL:
  • Tool Name: Skype
  • Tool Price: Free or Budgeted
  • Tood Description: Desktop Application and Phone App
  • Tool URL:


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