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Credit Card Emergencies

Emergency Planning

Total Time: 15 minutes. Goal: Total Security in the event of a disaster.

Here’s a tip that’ll take you 15 minutes to do and will save you endless hours in case your identity or credit cards get stolen in the future. Take a look at the back of your credit cards and you

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– take a moment and jot all of them down in a quick list that you can access in case the worst were to happen.

  1. Collect all your active credit and debit cards (even the ones that you never carry with you)
  2. Create a new file where to place all the phone. My suggestion would be to open a Google Doc Spreadsheet and title it “Credit Cards Information”. You can also just create an Excel spreadsheet and save it to your Dropbox account. The point is, you need this file available from anywhere and not saved to a machine located in your house.
  3. Create 2 columns:
    1. Credit Card Name – which is the name of the bank/institution that offers the card (e.g. Chase, American Express, your bank)
    2. Customer Service Phone – this is the 800 number labeled “24-h0ur customer service” that will be printed on the back of the card.
    3. Customer Service Local – some banks offer a local number in your area as a secondary number
    4. Account (optional)
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      – if you got an extra 20 minutes, you can go online and get your account numbers really quickly and just add that too.

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  4. The list all the credit cards you have in the first column and the corresponding customer phone number in the adjacent column.
    Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 1.18.39 AM

In the event you misplace your wallet/purse, your card gets stolen or your identity gets stolen, you have a quick list where you can deactivate all your cards in

one place without having to scramble everywhere for it.

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