FLOH like water

FLOH like water

We all have goals in life. Those goals, whether short lived or long-termed are target to where we want to be. Whether it’s cleaning the house, setting your budget or building financial security – the purpose of the goal is the same – a road intended to reach a target. FLOH is a method of living – a set of rules – that help guide your day, week and beyond. It’s a way of approaching life in 4 approaches and with each approach they support the overall outlook of where you are right now in terms of your goals. Ritual is something that’s deeply rooted in all of us. Some religions coordinate specific days of the week or hours of the day dedicated to a particular spiritual goal. Many of us have a 9-5 and in some cases much longer than that just to pay the bills. These rituals or routines are self-imposed and when we do them – in many cases we do them without asking quesitons or really thinkging about it. Here – I’ll prove it to you. I have this friend Chucky who’s always living “Pk2pk” which for us means “from paycheck to paycheck”. Chucky’s got a good job. In fact, it’s a high-paying banking job. Yet, being single in a big city (Miami) he always finds himself “strapped for cash” every other week or so.

I make less money than Chucky. Significantly less. But much as Rich Dad, Poor Dad showed us examples of what to do and what not to do – I observed Chucky. I observe all my friends and family and take note of wins and losses. I was blessed to have a Journalism degree in university and developing those skills – I learned to question people. How to find motive. How to ask the same question 5 times and get down to the bottom of something.

“Its all about flowing. It flows up. It flows down. And then sometimes things stop it from flowing…Everything in my head; it’s all about flow.” – Nate Fisher, Six Feet Under

With each day, learning a new lesson, I approached these observations as life lessons. I walk away always picturing myself in their shoes and what decision would I make in that case. Call it the voyeour – no – actor in me but I always have this fascination of putting myself in others shoes and try to figure a solution to the puzzle. Throughout my life I’ve made my own set of great and terrible choices. When we take the time to really think about what happened, what were the causes, what solution did we come up with and what was the impact – we really start getting a complete picture of our actions. This is esentially Wisdom. Something many people lack. Usually you find people committing themselves to a routine (or ritual) and abuse themselves over and over. Locked like a hamster in a cage.

Still water still flows

Still water still flows

FLOH helps us break free. FLOH is based on wise decisions and and success stories. One way of looking at FLOH is that it’s a series of life hacks. These “hacks” are little challenges or opportunities that you can use to your advantage in your daily life that will help eliminate stress, provide help and build overall happiness.

FLOH sounds like “flow” because it’s the observation that life flows. Everything flows. Much like water can flow down a river. In some areas it will seem together as one and moving slightly yet appearing still. In other places, it will seem like a million drops of water racing down a path – some hitting obstacles while other soaring. FLOH is an acronym standing for the four areas of life where we should look into enhancing which are Fun, Less, Order Health. These four areas determine our own internal happiness. It helps build a sense of self-value which gets us the job we want, the lover we seek the lifestyle that’s worth living.


Fun is about exactly about that – Fun. What’s happiness without a little fun? No fun! Fun articles are little challenges or advice having to do with any kind of personal or social challenges. Whether it’s taking some classes on the side, learning a new language or building your social circles – Fun articles are geared toward building fun in your life. Here are couple of recent articles to get you started:


Less is about bringing a sense of simplicity to your life. Look around you and you’re probably going to find a bunch of clutter. I’m not saying whether you’re organized or not – what I’m talking about is CLUTTER. You know what I mean, you may still have CD collection lying around somewhere – whether as a decoration on a wall or in a folder under your car seat. Why do you still have those? Less is about making your life simpler in terms of having less possessions that take up space and don’t enhance your life. Consider LESS helping you out so if you’re ever in teh case of having to move – you don’t have to hate your life because of the number of books you’ll have to move. In this digital age – any media can be found on your computer or even better – your phone. The less you have cluttering up your life, the less space you’ll need which will only make you more dynamic. Here are couple of recent articles to get you started:


Need a clear perspective on things – people will tell you to get your life in order. Order is about Financial Security. It’s about Student Loans, personal loans,

saving, debt, getting out of debt, office tips, professional and career advice. As a successful working professional I can tell you that in many cases I’ve been there. Whether it was choosing the wrong job at the right time or getting the jitters before delivering a speech to your class or even the Board of Directors – I’ve been there and I got some great advice for you. Here are couple of recent articles to get you started:


Health covers areas of fitness, weight loss and weight gain. Between 2012 – 2013 I lost 25 pounds (appx. 16% of my weight) and dropped 6% of body fat. I can show you quick tips that will help you burn or gain those extra calories based on popular theories and hacks I’ve picked up from various coaches, Team Beach Body (P90X, Insanity, etc…), Aikido, Judo, and Crossfit. If it’s a trend like that, I’ve done it and I got some great advice. Here are couple of recent articles to get you started:

FLOH in a nutshell. Hopefull you’ll take this advice and you can share your feedback and we can all learn a little something new every day.