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How to make your NEW METHOD company


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  1. Introduction
    1. Have two icons one labeled F and another labeled B, F means free, B means budgeted – I would recommend using designed icons that signify these points. The use of the letters F and B make me feel like they are some sort of grade on the product/service and this could possibly transfer to the reader.
    2. Introduce NEW METHOD
    3. Tell a story about 2 brothers or friends that started a business together (rich dad/poor dad
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      style). The book is a parable like the Alchemist.

    4. Bottom line: This book is about a comparison between a traditional (brick and mortar) company versus a virtual company
    5. Pre-requisites: Things you’ll need
    6. What are Chapter Goals: “2 sentences that explain everything” and how they relate with what you’re expected to take away from this book. These goals should printable on 1 sheet that could be used as a reminder list of how to run their daily work lives.
    7. The Basic Pieces – starts with a business card
      1. Email Account
      2. Phone
      3. Computer
      4. Internet
      5. Mailbox (Home address or UPS Store)
      6. Online Storage – Google Drive or Dropbox
  2. Cost
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    1. Chapter Goal: “2 sentences that explain everything”
    2. Paperless
    3. Documentation
    4. Amount of space you need – virtual
    5. Amount of space you need – physical
  3. Communication:
    1. Chapter Goal: “2 sentences that explain everything”
    2. Limiting Access to you – prevent 10 ways that people can reach you:
      1. 1 email address (business)
      2. 1 email address (personal)
      3. 1 phone line (personal)
      4. 1 phone line (business)
      5. 1 chat account (private)
      6. 1 phone that can
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        recieve multiple email inboxes

    3. Passive: E-mailing, Gmail
    4. Active: Skype, Freescreensharing
    5. Establish rules of communication – Netiquette
    6. Using Basecamp or collaborative environments
      1. No Thanks, no signatures
      2. Hash-tags (#) or @ symbols to address team members
        1. Works really well when using Search function
    7. Etiquette in Person
      1. Phones OFF the table
      2. No checking email in meetings
  4. Collaborating:
    1. Chapter Goal: “2 sentences that explain everything”
    2. Collaboration Workflow
    3. Tools: Basecamp
    4. Tools: Google docs
    5. Tools: Drop box
    6. Tools: Join.me
    7. Tools: Mantis
    8. Tools: Scrum (submit to smart sheet)
    9. Appendix:
      1. Advanced Hosting Solutions:
      2. Tools: VPN
      3. Tools: hosting
  5. Finding the Right Team:
    1. Chapter Goal: “2 sentences that explain everything”
    2. India
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      vs. Local

    3. How to pick your team members
    4. Remote (Rowe – Distributed Work Environment – Lullabot)
    5. Tools:
      1. Elance – finding remote talent
      2. Craigslist – finding local talent quickly
      3. 99designs.com – a remote Art Department
  6. Time Management Essentials:
    1. Chapter Goal: “2 sentences that explain everything”
    2. Basic time management
    3. Productivity
      1. Tools:
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        Blackout Apps

      2. Pomodoro Method
    4. Intro to GTD – Getting Things Done
      1. Tools: Evernote
    5. Pomodoro Method
    6. Bracketing Time
    7. Tackling Emails:
      1. Tools: Priority Inbox
      2. Tools: How to process e-mails – 1 hour a day
  7. Project Management Essentials
    1. Chapter Goal: “2 sentences that explain everything”
    2. How to plan a project: milestones, events, to-dos, tasks
    3. Tools
      1. Freescreensharing
      2. Basecamp
      3. TeamGantt
      4. Merlin
      5. Project
  8. Business management:
    1. Chapter Goal: “2 sentences that explain everything”
    2. Blackout hours
    3. Client meetings are exceptions
    4. Meetings – you use it or lose it
    5. Meeting hours, meeting agendas, and repeated events – reminders, using Gmail
    6. Scheduling Meetings with doodle
    7. Virtual does not mean non-verbal or wordless.
    8. SCRUM: why it’s important
      1. Tools: Online scrum with Google docs
  9. Storefront
    1. Chapter Goal: “2 sentences that explain everything”
    2. Going completely virtual
    3. Tools:
      1. WordPress
      2. Facebook
      3. GoDaddy
      4. VPN
      5. Hosting
  10. About Us
  11. Hire us
  12. Speaking Events

Deadline: January 18th, 2013

Next Steps:

  1. Outline – Aug 1
  2. Identify

    everyone we’d like to mention – Aug 8

  3. Book & Pitch – Nov 23 (13 chapters in 15 weeks – 1 chapter a week.
  4. Edit – identify graphic placeholders – Dec 14
  5. Pagination / Finalize Companion Booklet Outline – Jan 9
  6. Submit to publisher – Jan 18
  7. Finish Companion Booklet – Mar 21
  8. Get published – Apr 5
  9. Have Miami Dade College let me do a two hour seminar with leaflets for free and video recorded

Info graphic: http://remoteworker.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/key-online-collaboration-tools/

Meeting Notes:
Book 1: B2B
Workshop Companion Booklet (tbd)

Book 2: C2C
Workshop Companion Booklet (tbd)

New Method Names:

Categories: Chapter

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