Outline 2: The New Method – a parable.

Note: This story has been written so it can be produced on a

stage. The entire story will be outlined here as a seperate outline.

Set: Eleveator, Office, Downstairs Cafeteria/Subway

Characters: 3 Executives
Chris – a powerhouse of energy but always stressed (he’s a go-getter) – manufacturing company
Sam – cool and hip and not a worry in the world (he’s very calculated) – works for a logistics company
Alex…maybe Sofie? Рthe reader (seeing wisdom) Рmarketing company, sales
Synopses: This is a story about 3 friends that work in different companies doing different lines of management that will eventually lead them all to one day work together and build their company.

Chapter 1: Footprint – Cost Reduction
Big Office; Small Office
Lots of paper and documentation; Everything is electronic
Office phone, cell phone, blackberry, computer, laptop, breifcase, notebook, new tablet, rolls it in to work, it takes up a part of the elevator; Cell phone – laptop – tablet
Desk filled with files, desktop filled with papers in the outbox, copier runing constantly, goes to print something for a meeting he’s late to and has to wait by the printer because 15 copies of PPTs are printing; 1 File cabinet, clear desk with an outbox, laptop station,

photos and knick-nacks he loves, prints to PDF and is off to a meeting

Time: Lunch
then he goes to the Elevator and uses blackberry in the elevator;

Email arrives and he glances at it on the way into the elevator
Elevator stops at 3rd floor, in walks Jenny (makes eye contact with both – more with Sam because he puts away his phone
Small talk in elevator (Sam and Jenny converse but Tim ticks away at his blackberry). The doors open and they head out to lunch. Jenny asks them if they want to get lunch. Tim walks away saying he has a lot to take care of and looks like he’s loosing his lunch; Sam goes to lunch with Jenny.
As they eat, they see outside to see Tim talking on the phone like a madman as he’s talking into his cell phone with his earplugs while texting on the blackberry. As he finishes he walks into the restaurant and Jenny and Sam are there. He joins them as they’re done but they stick around to enjoy time with Tim.
After staying for 5 minutes, Tim’s phone goes off and he looks and it and just grabs his food and goes apolagetically feeling guilty!; Tim and Jenny head back into the office.
Tim checks his email throughout the entire day and by the time he gets back to his desk (even though he’s completely wired all the time) he still has a ton of emails to go through. The

ticket system sends emails with the same title and same sender and accounts for 40% of his mail. Yet he has to sift through it because each message contains a log of all the messages back and forth. This is why hashtags are so important.; Sam gets back to his desk later on he handles his work when a timer goes off reminding him it’s time to check his

email. He whips through it in 40 minutes and gets back to work.

Tim, Sam and Jenny will start working on a project together and Sam gets invited to a lot of meetings as he’s learning what Tim puts up with. Tim hands over to Sam and Jenny boxes of paperwork and folders that have been printed (full color with previous revisions “just in case”) and a myriad of papers with hand-drawn notes, an abundance of photocopies. So much so that Jenny has trouble carrying them. Walking to her office she almost twists her anckle as she attepts

to carry the paperwork with her high-heel shoes on. Tim gets there in time to realize what he’s done and feels bad. Jenny in turn vocalizes her apology making Sam feel worse (more Guilt). Sam arrives as Jenny and Tim are wrapping up and they head out to dinner that night.

Finding the Right Team
Sam realizes that maybe one day in the future, all 3 of them can work together.
——to be filled in——-

Time Management Essentials
——to be filled in——-

Project Management Essentals
Tim will “get stuck” in meetings and will miss dinner a couple of times and cause issues with their friendship. He’s working with a team in another building and having issues just setting up meetings. Constantly having to drive back and forth and loosing time in the day whether he’s on the phone, driving to a location or documenting something so his services aren’t needed.; Sam devotes his time to meeting.

Business Management
Location: Meeting room
Cell phone in Conference Room
Tim has constant late evenings and early mornings. He doesn’t like his job at all and finds that his office co-workers don’t value his time. Sam loves where he works and he thinks he works with a great team. When they participate in a meeting, they understand the value of time – not just for the stakeholders, but also for the entire team including those who shouldn’t be in the meeting. Sam calculates the cost of the meeting and shares that with Tim. Tim is floored. They go out to dinner that night and Jenny joins them when Sam gets to talk to Tim about some changes he can make and it all comes back to to Cost Reduction. The cost is not just money – it’s time – that which is most precious to us all. Sam introduces Scrum and re-arranges the schedule from a patchwork of chaos – to a streamlined daily office agenda. Sometimes all you need is a little perspective from the outside.

Time: Fast forward to 3 years in the future
Sam, Jenny and Tim have started a new business with a team of 12 people. Together they run an operation more streamlined than all three places they worked at originally and are planning on going public next year. They have a manufacturing team in Taiwan, an agency in Argentina, a designer in Germany and

a developer in Canada. They use VPN to migrate files,

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