Simple Budget Template

Simple Budget

How to properly spend your money

Are you interested in having a balanced budget at the end of the month? Is budgeting and personal finances new to you? Then, this Excel spreadsheet might be able to help you out.

Back when I was living paycheck to paycheck I have to budget out how much I have every single month and they can advance on my expenses and how much I like to have in my pocket daily. So, I started thinking about what do I use use pocket cash for?

I put together a quick list of my credit cards, my rent, car insurance, car payment, student loans and other items that I knew how much I have to pay monthly. Lastly, I considered how much I wanted to save each month. So, what I ended up doing was thinking about paycheck to paycheck – what my income was, how much I had to pay in expenses, and how much I wanted to save. The result would tell me how much money I would have left over and then it would divide it by 15 days – for that pay period.

The most important thing I have to consider was what was Left per Day. This is the amount that I had in my pocket

that I could spend daily. So, if I wanted to eat out for lunch, meet up with friends at a bar later on or have some

extra spending cash for the next day I could consider how much I had in my pocket for that day.

Feel free to download this helpful EXCEL file that I

put together for a monthly budget. If you are a student in high school or in college and want to consider how much money you should be spending when you’re out – this budgeting tool will really help you out. Parents and teachers are welcome to download this file to demonstrate a simple budgeting plan.


a Simple Budget Template.

photo by: MrVJTod