Time travel and making side money

Old Belongings

Time Travel into your past

Earn money on the side while spreading your message and build a fan base. All you have to do is check your closets.

It was 2007, Barb and I were getting on

the stage and performing to a bunch of Florida festival-goers for this gig called Earthdance. It was the first time we were playing together live in front of an audience. I’d done it before but it was at least 4 years earlier. Dressed in

our lab coats we hit the stage and jammed it! Spinning from 2 laptops, mixer, guitar, bass, keys and, drum-roll please, a theramin! The crowd jammed along to the electronic downtempo rhythm as “Strange Particles” took the crowd on a musical epic journey

Fast-forward to

today, Sept – 2013. It was a very creative time in my life and I still rock the guitar from time to time but with excuses in the

way – who’s got time. I’ve decided to rehash my tracks from 2007 and put them up on CD Baby. I just did a comparison
between a number of services and figured that CD Baby was the way to go because I prefer paying anything up front and NO Yearly Service Fee!

Publish your past

Rather than discard the past and put it in the attic waiting for 20 years from now to come across it, I’ve decided to publish it legitimately through CD Baby so my friends can hear it on Pandora, Rhapsody, Itunes, Amazon Store and more. How cool is that?

Keep in mind that with Net 2.0 – Content is King. The more content you produce – the more you can set it out there for the global market to buy. There’s over 5 billion people on the planet. All of them have tastes based on trends but their experiences are unique. You might be surprised how some of your past intellectual work (college papers, research, music, art, photography) you can rip or scan and re-distribute it.

Need some side cash from nowhere?

Who doesn’t like surpise checks in the mail? It’s my habit to figure out as many possible ways that I can make money

on the side that one day I can just sit back and let these various avenues support my life! Who wants to work a 9-5 for 35+ years? What if you could re-sell some old fiction that you wrote back in High School? You had a voice back then and chances are it’s not far off from the thoughts of a High-Schooler today. You can be the next J.K. Rowling or Stephenie Meyer. Who knows if the music you wrote to your Freshman year girl-friend back in college can sing the same song today in the dorms of NYU or UM?


Time is irrelavent with content. Everything is dated – from instagram to the Library of Congress. We all are constantly living in the past, present and future. Consider going back in your closet of stuff you never look at and see if you can find some of this old work when you had imagination and put it to use (thank you High-School/College!). It’s time to bring it back to life.

Maybe there might be a day to get the band back together. Ah….road life! Trade it all in. The Project Manager role at Royal Caribbean. Spend my nights writing and sleeping my days. I’m going to start envisioning that again. I’d like to see what the universe throws my way.

If you want to learn more about my music: Strange Particles.



photo by: striatic